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"Dear everyone at NAWF, 
I hope you are well and wanted to update you as the summer draws to a close and the busy Autumn term gets into full swing next week. I received the scholarship check at our US address which will be paid towards my tuition balance at Bangor - diolch yn fawr iawn! 

On our Zoom meeting I mentioned that in August and September I would be participating in a very important excavation on the northern coastline at a prehistoric hillfort site called Dinas Dinlle. The trench with the large roundhouse was excavated primarily by volunteers and the second trench with a more confusing layout was the domain of Bangor University students. It turns out that our confusing trench had much to tell us, and we found multiple types of pottery, evidence of metalworking, a shell midden (basically a rubbish heap), animal bones, a beautiful piece of roman glass... It is very rare to find this much due to the acidic nature of the soil here, but the mixture of sand combined with the natural geology seems to have preserved more than anyone expected. 

The excavation also drew the attention of the BBC! I was so grateful to be a part of this dig and learned so much about fieldwork during my three weeks on site. 

Here is the BBC video link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-58477909
Here is the 'Dig Diary' from the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust: http://www.heneb.co.uk/digdiarydinasdinlle2021.html
I hope you enjoy and will be in touch!

Cofion gorau,
 Megan [Kimmelshue]"

<![CDATA[2021 North America Wales Foundation Scholarship Awards]]>Thu, 16 Sep 2021 15:03:11 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/2021-north-america-wales-foundation-scholarship-awardsLloyd Family Travel Scholarships Bangor University 2021
  • Bridie Dimelow – Penley, Wrexham, Wales, partnered successfully with a local metal fabrication company, AWR Engineering, to produce and supply her product and is in the process of designing further products which are going to improve the welfare of horses during transportation.
  • Ciron Hywel – Llanrug, Gwynedd, Wales, secured a post as a design engineer with The Fifth Wheel company in North Wales that will pay his fees at Bangor University while he studies part-time for a postgraduate MSc in Applied Innovation Design.  He hopes that the product he has initiated will be adopted by the company for further development.
Exchange Scholarships 2021
  • Andrew Edwards – Zeeland, Michigan, graduated (in Welsh) from Bangor University and will continue there in a master’s program, studying linguistic policy, focusing on sociolinguistics (in Welsh) in the field of the Welsh language for adults.
  •  Kelly Evans – Santa Barbara, California, will read for her master’s degree in the forestry program at Bangor, focusing on environmental and climate issues. 
  • Megan Kimmelshue – Jacksonville, Oregon, received her master’s degree in Celtic archaeology at Bangor and will continue there in a PhD program studying the role of children in historic Celtic cultures.
  • Brooke Martin – continues in her final year of PhD research at Bangor examining Welsh opera between 1875 and 1928, especially 42 little-known or studied works by Welsh composers.   
<![CDATA[2020 North America Wales Foundation Scholarship & Grant Awards]]>Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:31:24 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/2020-north-america-wales-foundation-scholarship-grant-awards
Lloyd Jones Award
  • Elliot Goddard is an Industrial Design student from Bangor University. He is designing and manufacturing a sea kayaking wing paddle specific to the ‘Rockpool Taran’ Kayak, that must be robust and reasonably priced.
  • Lois Gwenllian Griffiths is a Product Design student from Bangor University. She is working to expand The Calendar King product/service range into app design to help Firecracker Design and Print keep up with increasing competition.
  • Peniel Welsh Chapel Association in Ripon, Wisconsin, will receive a full grant of $1000 to be used towards the cost of exterior renovations to the building.
  • Mari Morgan will receive a full grant award of $1000 towards publication of her PhD thesis on Welsh-American composers Daniel Prothero and Joseph Parry. The work is titled Braids of Song ~ Gwead y Gan and is to be released in the United States. This award is contingent upon the acquisition of additional funding towards publication costs.

Exchange Scholarship
  • Brooke Martin will receive the $5000 award to continue her PhD studies on Welsh opera at Bangor University. She has recently made great progress and new discoveries in the area of Welsh musicology, uncovering several Welsh and Welsh-American composers whose music output had not been uncovered.
  • Andrew Edwards will receive a $5000 award to continue his studies in Welsh at Bangor University. He will begin writing his BA dissertation on the abolitionists of German and Welsh communities in America before and during the Civil War and the radical beliefs of both groups expressed in the German and Welsh newspapers of the time.
<![CDATA[2019 North America Wales Foundation Scholarship & Grant Awards]]>Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:02:27 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/2019-north-america-wales-foundation-scholarship-grant-awardsNAWF Grant Award 2019
  • The Avondale Mine Disaster Preservation Committee will utilize NAWF funding to hold the 150th anniversary of the Avondale Mine Disaster on September 6-8, 2019. The Avondale disaster, which occurred in 1869, stands as the one of the deadliest anthracite mining disasters in history, with 110 victims, 69 of which were of Welsh descent.  Ceremonies will be held at the disaster site in Plymouth Township and at the Washburn Street Cemetery. A full conference will be held at the Anthracite Heritage Museum as well, with featured speakers Professor Bill Jones and Professor Richard Healey, both from the UK.
  •  Rimrock Opera Foundation utilized funding from NAWF to support the considerable expense to mount the American production of Joseph Parry’s opera, Blodwen, which was performed in Welsh from May 11-19, 2019, at the NOVA Center for the Performing Arts in Billings, Montana. Welsh native, Dr. Dulais Rhys, adapted the opera for chamber ensemble, and conducted the orchestra. Blodwen has already received universal praise for its creation and performance. Dr. Rhys hopes to find other venues in North America for the opera.
Lloyd Family Travel Scholarship 2019
  • Hope Kohtala (Received the Lloyd Family Travel Scholarship + partial Exchange Scholarship) from Mechanic Falls, Maine, spent spring semester 2018 studying at Bangor University and realized how similar Wales and Maine were in physical beauty and cultural experiences. She earned her BSc in Parks, Recreation and Tourism at University of Maine and will continue studies towards her MA in Tourism at Bangor University. Building upon her previous research project from her study abroad experience, Hope will compare similarities and differences between New England and Wales in the seasonal tourism industry.
Exchange Scholarships 2019
  • Rebecca Blok from Kalamazoo, Michigan, will study at Bangor University towards her MA in Welsh. In preparing for her thesis, Rebecca will identify the complex structure of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi and how this structure communicates the message of the work as a whole.
  • Brooke Martin from Clarkesville, Georgia, continues her studies, now towards a doctorate, at Bangor University, researching contemporary minority and Welsh-language opera. In the summer of 2018, she presented two papers, one at Wales Research Conference and the other at NAASWCH. Brooke has become a fluent Welsh speaker; this past March competing for the Chair in Eisteddfod y Dysgwyr (Learners) and was placed third. he Year. 
  • Kelsey Weber from Portland, Maine, received her BFA in Ceramics from the Maine College of Art. Her next step is to complete a Masters in Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University, researching the history, myths and folktales of Maine and Wales to find commonalities and historical links. She will then illustrate these tales on pottery.
  •  Andrew Edwards from Zeeland, Michigan, continues his studies in Welsh Literature at Bangor University. He is passionate about his Welsh heritage and has fallen in love with Wales and the beautiful Welsh language. Andrew has become a fluent Welsh speaker and his courses are in the Welsh language. He has received much attention from the Welsh media as an American thriving in Wales.
  • Hope Kohtala-(Lloyd Family Travel Scholarship + partial Exchange Scholarship) see above.
Rebecca Blok with Hefina Phillips
Brooke Martin with Philip Davies
Kelsey Weber
Hope Kohtala
Andrew Edwards
<![CDATA[2018 NAWF Scholarship & Grant Awards ~ North American Students]]>Thu, 16 Sep 2021 13:25:32 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/nawf-grant-awards-2018NAWF Grant Awards 2018
  • Slate Valley Museum, Granville, NY. Concerts and lectures featuring Welsh musical performances and history
  • Congregants of the Welsh Church New York, NY. Casting and professional direction of a community reading of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood.
  • Gwenan Davies, Abergele, Wales. An artist studying for her Master of Fine Arts at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard Co.
  • Mackenzie Hornsby, Rio Grande, Ohio. Study Performing Arts at the University of Wales Trinity St David’s Carmarthen.    
Lloyd Family Travel Scholarship 2018
  • Anna King- Guysville, Ohio. Inspired by her grandparents, she will research the creation, documentation, and history and of Welsh lovespoons. Department of Fine Arts Trinity St David’s University Swansea Campus.    
Anna King
Exchange Scholarships 2018
  • Andrew Edwards - Zeeland, MI. Pursuing a degree at Bangor University, majoring in Welsh, Intercollegiate Welsh Learner of the Year.
  • Coral Lumbley - Champaign, Illinois- Doctoral studies on Medieval Welsh Culture and Literature. Intensive Welsh language course at Aberystwyth University
James Sevitt
  • James Sevitt - City University of New York. Doctoral research examining how individuals in Merthyr Tydfil are experiencing and coping with long-accumulating divisions and inequalities, recently exposed and exacerbated by Brexit.
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<![CDATA[North America Wales Foundation Support During COVID19]]>Fri, 07 Aug 2020 19:03:31 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/nawf-support-during-covid19

A bilingual note of thanks to NAWF for support during COVID19,  from 2019 Exchange Scholarship recipient, Andrew Edwards.

Annwyl gyfeillion,
Dwi mor ffodus i gyfrif fy hun ymysg y myfyrwyr sy wedi profi eich haelioni, dwi'n hynod ddiolchgar a balch iawn i wedi cael fy nerbyn fel aelod o deulu NAWF am y tair blynedd dwytha.

Gobeithio eich bod chi'n cadw'n ddiogel ac yn iach yn ystod y cyfnod rhyfedd yma a gobeithio bydda i'n cael cyfarfod bob un ohonoch yn y dyfodol. (hwyrach erbyn y 'Steddfod flwyddyn nesa)

Dwi'n atodi llun o lond dwrn o ffrindia hyfryd dwi 'di cael y fraint i'w dod i nabod yn ystod fy mlynyddoedd yng Nghymru, gan gynnwys aelod arall teulu NAWF, sef Rebecca Fox Blok. Yn anffodus, torrodd y pandemig ar draws ein hamser ni a'n cynlluniau gwanwynol, ond roedd hi'n hynod werthfawr cael eich cefnogaeth yn ystod y misoedd llawn ofn.

Diolch yn fawr unwaith eto am yr ysgoloriaeth (olaf!), fydd yn help mawr imi drwy gydol fy mlwyddyn olaf ar y cwrs, gan nad oeddwn i'n gallu gweithio'n ôl yn y sba dros yr haf 'ma. Wir ichi, mae'n fendith a fydd yn sicrhau bydda i'n gallu cwblhau fy mlwyddyn olaf.  Diolch o waelod calon!

I'm so thankful to count myself a member of the NAWF family, as I truly have been made to feel as such over the scary and uncertain initial months of the Covid-pandemic, when I was far away from my home and family. I can't express my gratitude for your continued support and humbling generosity. 

I hope you're all staying well and safe during these uncertain times and hopefully I'll be able to see all of you sometime in the future - perhaps next year's Eisteddfod!

I've attached a picture of some of my lovely friends who I've been privileged to get to know and love during my stay in Wales, including another member of the NAWF family, Rebecca Fox Blok. Alas, the pandemic cut short our time together and plans for the spring, but it was incredibly appreciated having your support during the fearful months.

Thanks so much for the scholarship (final!), it will be such a help to me as I wasn't able to go back to work at the spa this summer like usual; truly it is a blessing as it allows to go back to complete my final year.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cofion cynnes,
Kindest regards,
<![CDATA[Jenny Hubbard Joins Wales Board of Trustees]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2020 05:00:00 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/jenny-hubbard-joins-wales-board-of-trusteesPicture
Welsh by birth but an internationalist in work and outlook, Jenny was born in Brecon and has degrees from the University of London. During a career with the British Council, she worked promoting British education, science, culture and collaborative links with postings in London, Nigeria (Lagos), Mexico (Mexico City) and Burma (Rangoon). She travelled extensively for work and leisure during that time.

Jenny moved to Atlanta GA with her husband in 1993, a temporary assignment for him which became long standing. She learned Welsh as an adult, taught English as a second language and volunteered with a variety of organisations. These included Northside Community Hospital, the Atlanta Celtic Festival and the Salvation Army and she held board positions with them all.

Her greatest commitment was to a number of organisations active in promoting Welsh language and culture. She worked on their boards, respectively President of the Georgia Welsh Society, President of Cymdeithas Madog (the Welsh Studies Institute in North America), Trustee and then Secretary of the WNGGA, now known as the Welsh North American Association (WNAA). She was a member of the NAWF in North America.

Jenny returned to the UK in 2015 and is an active member of the London Welsh Centre.  

<![CDATA[Jonathan Morgan Receives Ivorite Award]]>Wed, 01 Jan 2020 05:00:00 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/jonathan-morgan-receives-ivorite-awardPictureJonathan Morgan is pictured (right) receiving the award from NAWF Vice President Prof. Jon Roper.
Jonathan Morgan has been awarded the Foundation’s Philanthropic Order of True Ivorites award in recognition of his long service supporting our work.  A former member of the Foundation’s Wales Board for over twenty years, he was an indefatigable fund raiser and organiser of special events until his retirement last year.

Educated at Christ College, Brecon; the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; Aberystwyth and Glamorgan Universities, Jonathan is a former lecturer at the now Cardiff Metropolitan University and author of several books including The Welsh Warrior Through the Ages (2016) and The Tragedy Of War, Essays on the Welsh War Poets (2014).  His book Rags to Riches: Entrepreneurs of Welsh Origin (2010) reflects his long standing interest in links between Wales and America.

The original Ivorite Order was a friendly beneficial society established in Denbighshire in 1836 by Robert Jones with the motto Cyfeillgarwch, Cariad a Gwirionedd (Friendship, love and truth). It prospered on both sides of the Atlantic and was active in America until the late 1900s. It was revived by the NAWF in 2006 to honour Welsh and Welsh-Americans who epitomise the ideals of the original Ivorites.

<![CDATA[Abbie Wightwick Joins NAWF Wales Board]]>Sat, 05 Oct 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://nawalesfoundation.org/blog/abbie-wightwick-joins-nawf-wales-boardPicture
We are delighted to welcome Abbie Wightwick to the Foundation's Wales Board of Trustees.

Abbie has travelled extensively as a journalist working in the UK and overseas before becoming the Education Editor of WalesOnline and the Western Mail, a post she has held for more than a decade.  A graduate of Queen Mary University, London,  Abbie has a wide interest in the arts. She lives in Penarth near Cardiff.

She brings experience and energy to our work and we look forward to her contribution in the coming months and years.